The Board of Directors of the New Century Chamber Orchestra wishes to extend its warmest thanks and gratitude to the generous individuals who have made tribute gifts during the past 12 months.

In Memoriam

In memory of Cheryl Arnold

John Frykman

In memory of Dr. Joan T.Campagna

Alan Markle

In memory of Joan K. Gambs

Marcia and Thomas Little
Julie Shearer

In memory of Carol Javete

Donald Javete

In memory of Norm Katz

Evelyn and Richard Clair
Shira Katz
Marin Country Day School Parent Board

In memory of Joachim A. Stenzel

Annie Stenzel

In Honor

In honor of Robin Bonnell

Sara Keyak

In honor of Paula and John Gambs

Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg
Julie Shearer

In honor of Alana Zavett Green

Caroline Wood

In honor of Lucinda Lee Katz

Gail and Larry Siegel

In honor of Marilyn and Richard Lonergan

Judith and Donald Gray
Sue and Warden Noble

In honor of Kim Marienthal, the Wizard of Cause

Caroline Wood

In honor of Marlene Pavelski

Martin and Florence Richman

In honor of Mark Salkind and Miranda Heller

Alexander Leff

In honor of Nadja Salerno- Sonnenberg

Joan Balter
Glady Thacher

In honor of Kathy Rosebrock’s Retirement

Joanne Golden

In honor of Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg

Joan Balter
Peter McGrath

In honor of Julius Stenzel

Annie Stenzel

In honor of Dennis Zavett’s 70th Birthday

Anne Zavett and Family

In honor of the marriage of Teresa Darragh and Parker Monroe

Susan Banks
Heidi Bauer and Jeff Waldman
Alan Benaroya
Michael Berry and Leo Berry-Lawhorn
Susan Blake
Celeste Bonfiglio
Mary Darragh and Dan Christ
Elizabeth Donegan
Everett Doner and Robert Fraser
Mary Falvey
Linda Ferrell
Janet and Walter Finkbeiner
Jackie and Art Fletcher
Patricia and Howard Fong
Anne Darragh and David Ford
Jean Fordis and Jerry Voight
Rachel and Michael Gallant
Paula and John Gambs
Bettina Glenning
Alana Zavett Green and Steven Green
Candace Guirao and Joshua Garrett
Hope Haefner
Evelyn Hanson
Quentin and Vanessa Hardy
Lauri and Michael Henry
Terrance and Dena Higgins
William and Ruth Isenberg
Carl Jameson
Naomi Jay
Donna Jez and Terry Colgan
Mark Jordan and Kendall Patton
Nancy Joste
Michael Karasik
Michelle Khan
Chunghoon Kim
Joan and Jim Kirsner
Kate and Aron Knickerbocker
Yayoi Kushida and Jon Musicant
Lucinda Lee Katz, David Lee Katz, and Shira Lee Katz
Britt-Marie Ljung and Warren Miller
Richard and Marilyn Lonergan
Molinda Mah and Warren Hom
Belinda Martineau and Robert B. Darragh
Mona and Pete Martineau
Peter McGrath and Han Wang
Cathy McHugh
Cynthia Miller
Ted Miller
Anna Moscicki
Barbara and Rick Monsanto
Dianne Nicolini
Jennifer and Jerome Nilmeier
Sue and Warden Noble
Joel Palefsky and Glenn Peacock
Kathleen Poole
Laura and Om Rawal
Paula and Manuel Rotenberg
Sandra and Victor Rotenberg
Mary Rubin
Mark Salkind and Miranda Heller
Jeff Simko
Linda and Roger Solow
Karen Smith-McCune and Mike McCune
Debbie Thal and Len Gensburg
Paul Valva
Alan Waxman
David Wilbur
Lena Wong and Luke Perkocha