Current Donors

The Board of Directors of the New Century Chamber Orchestra wishes to extend its warmest thanks and gratitude to the generous individuals, corporations, foundations and government agencies listed here who have made gifts during the past 12 months:

Corporate, Foundation, and Government Support

American Society for Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology
Bloomberg Family Foundation, Inc.
BMI Foundation Inc.
Center for Learning in Retirement
City National Bank
Grants for the Arts (GFTA)
Clarence E. Heller Charitable Foundation
The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation
The Richard and Emily Levin Foundation
The North Ridge Foundation
The Bernard Osher Foundation
Sigma Alpha Iota
vmware Foundation Matching Gift Program
Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati Foundation
The Zalec Familian and Lilian Levinson Foundation

Messiah Stradivarius Circle ($100,000 and above)

Ann G. and Gordon P. Getty
Paula and John Gambs

Del Gesu Circle ($50,000–$99,999)

Alan Benaroya

Guadagnini Circle ($25,000–$49,999)

Julie Allecta
Jerome and Thao Dodson
Ruth and William Isenberg
Lucinda Lee Katz, Shira Lee Katz, and David Lee Katz

Cremona Circle ($10,000–$24,999)

Teresa Darragh and Parker Monroe
Ginnie and Peter Haas
Sue and Robert Larson
Marilyn and Richard Lonergan
Pamala and Robert Pedrazzini
Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg
Mark Salkind and Miranda Heller
Karen Smith-McCune and Mike McCune
Caroline Wood

Guarnerius Circle ($5,000–$9,999)

Susan Blake and Joel Kaufman
Jean Fordis and Jerry Voight
Margaret E. Haas Fund
Phoebe Wall Howard
Margaret and Edmond Kavounas
William and Gretchen Kimball Fund
Joan and Jim Kirsner
Ann and Michael Parker
Carolyn and Stephen Spitz

Stradivarius Circle ($2,500–$4,999)

Kris and Eric Brewer
Elizabeth Brooks and Paul Nagle
Jackie and Art Fletcher
Elsie George
William Ginchereau
Alexander Leff
Meridee Moore and Kevin King
Sue and Warden Noble
Philip Wilder
Soo and Raj Venkatesan

Leaders ($1,000–$2,499)

Karen Ames
Patricia and Steve Anderson
Robert Carrigan
Ann and David Crockett
Ruth and Alfred Heller
Nancy and Jerre Hitz
Elizabeth and Richard Kniss
Pamela and Marty Krasney
Britt-Marie Ljung and Warren Miller
Joy and Larry O’Rourke
Pat Sandoval and Jon Kannegaard
Linda and Roger Solow
Michèle Stone and Harry Howe
Debbie Thal and Len Gensburg
Pamela Wright

Sustainers ($500–$999)

Jonathan Arons
Clara Basile
Charlotte and David Biegelsen
Phyllis Blair
Martin and Kathleen Cohn
Suzanne and Steve Cowan
Ruth Donig-White and Robert White
George Dunn
Mike Dunn
Mary Falvey
Patricia and Howard Fong
Chris Garos and Gary Watson
Alana and Steven Green
Jared Green
Stacey Poland Hamburg and Edward Hamburg
Ellis and Arlene Harms
Peggy Heineman
Shira Lee Katz
Peter McGrath and Han Wang
Angela and James Mongillo
David Mount
Niall Roche
Jeffrey Silberman
Pat Sinatra
Tina Vindum and John Coghlan

Supporters ($250–$499)

David and Marcy Albert
Marcia W. Beck
Irene and Robert Belknap
Michael and Deborah Bentivoglio
Bonnie Bernhardt
Sandra Carr and Jeri Echeverria
Paul Christianson
Evelyn and Richard Clair
Karen DeMello
Jenny Douglass and Andy Basnight
Amy Duxbury
Dr. and Mrs. Ephraim Engleman
Steven Fingerhood
Ed Fisch
Kay Grace
Judith and Donald Gray
Lynn Hanson
Mary Harden
Kathleen G. Henschel
Terrance and Dena Higgins
Kathie Hillier and Bob Boen
Kenneth Holford
Jeannette and John Howard
Emmanuel Isadiar
Naomi Jay
David Lee Katz
Yayoi Kushida and Jon Musicant
Cynthia Livingston and Samuel Leffler
Harvey Lynch
René Mandel
Alan Markle
Valerie Marshall
Marion McIntire
Ann and David Melamed
Barbara Monsanto
Geraldine Morrison
Philip and Anne Murphy
Leslie and Merle Rabine
Paige Rogers and Rob Melrose
Timothy A. Stevenson and David Lincoln King
Elizabeth White
Jerry Wright
Elizabeth and Vincent Zinck

Sponsors ($100–249)

Anonymous (2)
Pauline Adams
Janice August
Phyllis and Donald Baer
Joan Balter
Edward Bennett
Brian Berg
Robert Berman
William and Bonnie Blythe
Laurel Brobst-Gilbert
Roberta Brokaw
Zeo and Terry Coddington
Terri Craib
Ann M. Darragh and David Ford
Andrea Davies
Pat Dobbie
Jane Drake
John Eells
Julia Erickson and Art Rothstein
Kay and Jay Estey
Dean Farwood
Roger Fisher
Marcia Flannery
Jon and Ellen Florey
Joan and Marvin Fox
Katherine Gavzy
Maureen Grabowski
James Grant
Maryann and Don Graulich
Marian Gray
Judith Greber
Candace Guirao and Joshua Garrett
Nancy and Nick Haritatos
Dawn Harms
Helen Louise Harper and Mary Campbell
Teri Haynes and Luis Pine
Elsa and Raymond Heald
Edna Hom
Leslie and Peter Horn
Carl Jameson
Donald Javete
Alice and Dale Johnson
John Josse
Ann and John Kadyk
Doris and Roger Ketcham
Sara Keyak
Kate Knickerbocker
Leocadia Korzun and Geoffrey Gosling
Peter Krengel
Anna Kruger
Katherine and Thomas Kudrycki
Gillian Kuehner and Norman Bookstein
Carol Langbort and William Holsman
Carole Leong
Naomi and Marc Levenson
Iyana Leveque
Mary and Robert Lin
Marcia and Thomas Little
Martha and Arthur Luehrmann
Marjorie and George Mader
Janet and Marcos Maestre
Anthony Manzo
Michelle Marayama
Barbara and Kim Marienthal
Paul Matalucci
Robert Matsueda
Wayne Matthews
Sandra McCandless
Candace and Doss Miller
George and Beth Mills
Tia Miyamoto and Bryce Goeking
Thalia Moore
Anne Neill
Betty and Herb Nudelman
Herb Ochitill
Richard Okiuye
Otis Paul
Rebecca Peters
Cathy Frantz and Mike Potel
Ann and Bill Regan
Cassandra Lynne Richburg
Linda and Edward Selden
Suzanne and Patrick Shea
Julie Shearer
Marlene Siminow
Cherrill Spencer
Annie Stenzel
Iris Stone
Michael Tate
Cynthia Sun and Lawrence Templeton
Chris Thurman
Jan Stoeckenius and Julia Tien
Randy Vogel

Friends ($1–$99)

Stewart Applin
Nancy Austin
Susan Babini
Susan Banks
John Beletsis
Robin Bonnell
Emily Bozentka
Shelagh Brodersen
Jim Crotty
Marilyn Davis
Virginia Debs
Justin Dombrowski
Judy and Mark Eckart
D Bruce Engle
Barbara Flores
Rachel and Michael Gallant
Charles Gary
Jo Rawlins Gilbert
Joanne Golden
Anne Gomes
Mark Granger
John S. Gravell
Nancy and Don Hall
Jack Halpern
Pamela and Ron Harrison
John Hillyer
Rita Howe
Marilouise Jackson
Philip Jelley
Ruth Karlen
William King
Lawrence Kreshin
Nancy and John Lawrence
Adrienne Lieu
James L. Ludwig
Carol Maddison and Don Higgins
Vivian Mazur
Donald K. McKay
Bruce McKenzie
Liz Merritt
Donald Millhauser
Joan Murray
Jean Perry
Kate Pope
Stephanie and Delbert Prescott
Anna Presler and Leighton Fong
Deborah and Evan Price
Diane Ray
Barbara Riley
Rich Ruby
Victoria Sievers
Patricia Simoni
Donald Smart
Alan Smith
Charles Smith
Michael Stearns
Bonnie Stiles
Madeline Stovel
Charlette and Erich Sutter
Toby Symington
Margaret Tavare
Jack and Trudy Washburn
Louis Weil
Rhea Wolkowitz
George Wright
Michael Yokas
Morris Zelditch