Section Viola (Tenure-track)

Preliminaries: Saturday, December 13, 2014
Finals: Sunday, December 14, 2014

To be considered and receive audition information, please send a résumé detailing education and relevant musical experience to:

New Century Chamber Orchestra
Attn: Everett Doner, Director of Operations
44 Page Street, Suite 600
San Francisco, CA 94102

or via email to:

Résumés must be received by Friday, November 14th, 2014.
Please do not send video or audio material.
No phone calls, please.

Audition Repertoire

Please note that any of these works, as well as sight reading, may be asked of any candidate at any time during either round of this audition.

Solo Works:

The first 3-5 minutes of a major Viola Concerto of your choice.

W. A. Mozart: Symphonia Concertante, K364:

  • 1st movement, Letter B through the downbeat of 4 before C.
  • 1st movement, 5 after Letter C to 15 after E
  • 2nd movement, measure 16 through 9 before Letter C


P. Tchaikovsky, Serenade for Strings:

  • 1st movement, Letter D to Letter F
  • 2nd movement, Letter D to 2 after Letter E
  • 4th movement, measure 108 through 2 after Letter C

D. Shostakovich: Chamber Symphony Op 110a (arr Barshai) (8th String Quartet):

  • 2nd movement: 6 measures before #17 through #20
  • 2nd movement, Measure 221 through Number 29

B Bartok, Divertimento:

  • 1st movement: Measure 1 through the downbeat of Measure 73

P Tchaikovsky, Souvenir de Florence:

  • 3rd movement, L’istesso tempo before Letter F through 12 after G
  • 4th movement, Tempo Guisto (Fugue) to key change at 8 before Letter O

F Mendelssohn, Octet for Strings, Op. 20:

  • 2nd movement (Andante), Measure 27 through 39
  • 3rd movement (Scherzo), beginning through measure 56
  • 4th movement (Presto), viola entrance through Measure 51

Shchedrin/Bizet, Carmen Suite:

  • # VII, Beginning through the downbeat of measure #69

Schoenberg, Verklarte Nacht:

  • Measures 29 through 49
  • Measures 121 through the downbeat of measure 132